Rules of the General Forum

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Rules of the General Forum

Post  Mutarr on Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:50 pm

Welcome to the General Chit-Chat board of Noctem Industry. To make this place as enjoyable as possible for everyone, we have set a few ground rules on conduct which we would advice to abide by. You can post, discuss and make comments on about pretty much everything in here, but there are a few exceptions:

Any flaming or abuse will not be tollerated on this forum. Doing so will result in the post being deleted and grant you one warning, and one warning alone. Any further conduct of this manner will result in permanent bann from the forum.

Any pictures containing sexual graphics or of otherwise disturbing nature will be deleted. Continous conduct of this manner will result in a warning, which ultimatly will end in a permanent bann from the forum if the conduct doesnt sieze.

Any hostile comments on race, religion or sexual orientation will result in a permanent bann from our forums.

We hope you all will enjoy our forum!

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