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Corporation Description

Post  Nizral on Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:04 pm

Welcome to Noctem Industry!

Noctem Industry is a semi-casual EvE Online Corporation which focus on the aspects of industry and trade.

We can offer you mining operations each month. The amount of Operations wary on the amount of people active. Mining operations will for the most part be held in Amarr space. We can provide some minor mining barges for a depositum if people dont want to fly there in their own ships. Our mining operations are for the most part held with the support of an Orca Industrial ship.

The Corporation base and most of our members live in a C3 Wormhole(WH) at the moment. This however do not affect our mining operations as we will come outside to help with the operations, or bring you inside to help out from within the Wormhole. Details will be given for each operation.

The income from the mining operations will go towards other mining barges for future mining operations and to buy BluePrint Originals(BPO) for the corperation. Inside the Wormhole we have a Player Owned Station(POS) with a lab, so we will be researching the BPO's and everyone in the corp will be able to buy the researched BluePrint Copies(BPC) that we make really cheap. Either for their own use, or to produce and sell the finished products on the market.

Each member who participate in an mining operation will be rewarded a preset percentage of the overall value of the ore mined. The precentage might wary from each operation due to the ammount of members participating and time spent mining.

Those who are interested are most welcome to apply to our Corperation. However, to become a full member of the Corperation you will have to endure a trail period of one month. Only full members are allowed to come with us inside the wormhole. We dont want just anyone to come inside.

Noctem Industry is part of the alliance "Union of Revolution", the alliance has got a TeamSpeak(TS) server which you will be granted information about once you have been accepted as an recruit.

As part of the alliance Noctem Industry will recieve military support in case of a war or assault on our Corperation holdings. But as such, we are obliged to support members of the alliance in the same mannor. In case of all out war members of the Corperation will support the actions of the alliance both financially as well as military.

When it comes to members we want all aspects of players. We are a fairly casual Corperation so we dont expect you to be online 24/7 - but we do expect you to be online enough to contribute with your membership. We are as said an industrial corperation, on which our focus in based upon in times of peace. However, since industrial ships are rather poor at protecting themselves we do also seek members who thrive in the military aspects of the game to serve as Corperation Security.

If this sounds interesting, please look at the application template and provide us with your application.

Good luck!

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